Addie Camp Train Car Eatery and Wine Bar has grand opening

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Originally published in the Peninsula Clarion

Soldotna’s newest restaurant, Addie Camp Train Car Eatery and Wine Bar, is having its grand opening today.

Local cookbook author Maya Wilson is the restaurant’s chef. Elements from her popular cookbook, Alaska from Scratch, can be seen throughout the menu, whether it’s the black cod, udon noodle soup or the butterscotch bread pudding.

Wilson said she wanted to develop all-new recipes for the restaurant, but wanted to give a nod to fans of her cookbook.

“There are a couple of familiar things for fans of mine,” Wilson said. “I do adapt them a bit and make them a little chef-ier, a little more upscale from the cookbook, even if they are basically drawn from there.”

For diners who are new to Wilson’s cookbook, signed copies are for sale at the restaurant.

To prepare for the grand opening, the restaurant hosted three soft openings, which Wilson said went great.

“There’s always things that you need to adjust or you discover once you get in the swing of things that aren’t going to work,” Wilson said, “Overall, the reception has been really positive and it’s been very exciting to finally be able to open the doors.”

The menu isn’t set in stone. Wilson said as local food becomes in season and more available, the menu will change to reflect what’s most fresh. Wilson tries to incorporate some element of local food in her menu items, especially the greens and herbs grown in the restaurant’s hydroponic farm, Fresh 365.

“The menu will change seasonally,” Wilson said. “In the summer (local food) will increase because the farms will be open. We’ll also have halibut and salmon and stuff like that.”6076564_web1_49140274_616779722091469_4218080084252164096_n-1200x800.jpg

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