This story originally published in the Peninsula Clarion.

The Soldotna City Council confirmed their new council members as well as a new student representative at Wednesday’s meeting.

Jordan Chilson, Justin Ruffridge and Paul Whitney all ran uncontested races for their seats on the city council and were confirmed at the meeting. Chilson, the only non-incumbent of the newly elected council members, will be taking over for council member Linda Murphy starting Oct. 24.

Soldotna High School sophomore, Katie Delker, was confirmed as Soldotna’s newest liaison between the high school and the city. She told the council on Wednesday that she loves to participate in any event that involves leadership.

“It’s incredible that students can watch these meetings and get involved with decisions that are being made that affect this town,” Delker said.

Delker is on her student council at Soldotna High, and she participates in cross-country, cross-country skiing and soccer during the school year.

The student representative position was created in 2014. Any student who wishes to be the student representative must be a resident of the city, in good standing at Soldotna High and elected onto the school’s student council. Student representatives may not move or second any motions. The representative is allowed to cast an advisory vote, which means their vote is recorded in the minutes, but it does not affect the outcome of the total vote.

Soldotna city clerk, Shellie Saner, said the primary role of the student representative is the communications liaison between the city and the high school.

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