This story published in the Peninsula Clarion.

At Wednesday’s Kenai City Council meeting, the council voted unanimously to approve the construction and presence of a dog park at Daubenspeck Family Park in Kenai.

The effort to create a dog park in Kenai was spearheaded by a volunteer committee led by Jodi Stuart, who spoke in support of the resolution at Wednesday’s meeting

“We’ve taken a look numerous times at Daubenspeck Park and looked at numerous other locations,” Stuart said. “We would very much be in support of Daubenspeck, as a dog owner and as someone that visits parks in general.”

Stuart said the group consisted of about 15 community members, including two students from Kenai Central High School.

The dog park will take up a 150 x 150-foot portion of Daubenspeck Family Park, with room for expansion.

“On that side of the park there’s not a lot really going on,” Stuart said. “There’s room for growth.”

Council member Jim Glendening said he hopes the park will have the opportunity to expand.

“People in Kenai love their dogs and it’s a good social outlet, not only for the dogs but for the humans.”

Chomper, a half-lab, half-Jack Russell terrier, came to the stand with his owner at Wednesday’s meeting as well. Chomper’s owner, who did not provide her name, said her four-legged companion also wanted to express his support for the dog park.

The Kenai Parks and Recreation Department are looking at the logistics of clearing the area and the construction of the park. Stuart said Home Depot would be donating some fencing for the park.

Stuart said fundraising would be in the park’s future as well.

“There will be fundraising to make sure we have a very nice park,” Stuart said.

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