Originally published in the Anchorage Press

The Magpie may be the only place to order aebleskivers in Anchorage, but for owner Amanda Cash, the popular Danish pancake puff is a household staple she’s eager to share.

“I used to teach classes in aebleskiver making and I just think they are fun,” Cash said.

The Magpie, formally a seasonal food truck, now has a winter home. Located in a busy strip mall, A Pie Stop is renting out space in their cafe for The Magpie to create, bake and sell some of their most popular menu items. The Magpie has been selling down-home cooking for five summers now.

“I consider us both like micro-businesses, it’s really about the love of the craft. [A Pie Stop] is really trying to perfect pie and I’m a former fine dining chef and now I have three kids. This is a new way for me to support my family,” Cash said.

The menu has changed slightly to accommodate their new kitchen space, but The Magpie will be offering new and old favorites like their purple goat sandwich, Spenard hash, french toast, biscuits and gravy, mac and cheese, cannellini bean soup, autumn greens and more.

Cash is also including many Alaska-grown ingredients in her dishes such as, reindeer sausage, Alaska potato chips and her fig and ginger porridge features barley grown in Delta Junction.

A Pie Stop and The Magpie decided to join forces after a mutual customer encouraged the two businesses to work together.

“Earl, he’s a sweet man. He comes by and he always gets our pies. He goes to a lot of food trucks. I personally know him from a food truck I used to work at,” Lily Rodriguez, head baker and manager of A Pie Stop, said.

A Pie Stop offers coffee, pies, pot pies and pasties. Steven Satterlee purchased A Pie Stop for his granddaughter, Alisa, who has been baking pies since she was four years old. Alisa is 18 now and employs a group of her friends, all 18 and under, who she met while attending the culinary program at Anchorage’s King Career Center.

“We’re just young kids trying to make a living,” Rodriguez said.

A Pie Stop has welcomed Cash and her small staff.

“Amanda has been a great help, she’s given us a lot of insight because we are all a lot of young bakers. I think it’s awesome,” Rodriguez said. “I love having her around, she’s a really great person to work with.”


For now, The Magpie will be open Tuesday – Saturday, 10:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. and also offers boxed lunches and catering.


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