Originally published in The Spenardian

Kimchi fried rice, thin-cut kalbi short ribs, a ginger lemongrass creme brûlée and many more Korean inspired dishes will be featured in this month’s specials at Bear Tooth.

Bear Tooth is featuring about a dozen new specials this month, most of which are inspired by local writer, Kim Sunée’s new cookbook, Everyday Korean.

“The cool thing about this cookbook – it’s like it’s name – Everyday Korean. So it’s a lot of flavors, some dishes, but a lot of it is how you can pull inspiration from that ingredient palette and bring it into everyday dishes.” Stephanie Johnson, Bear Tooth manager, said.

Nearly every special this month is inspired by Everyday Korean. This is the first time that Bear Tooth has done something like this with their monthly specials. Johnson said that inspiration for specials typically come from many sources, usually travel experiences from employees.

“I can’t recall a time where we have so comprehensibly taken inspiration from one place. We have never had the opportunity to take inspiration from a place, and have that person be in our community,” Johnson said. “Never in a million years would I have thought that in Anchorage, Alaska I would have the opportunity to work with a New York Times bestselling author and feature her food… It’s been an honor to be a part of this process.”

Sunée was able to be part of the tastings with Bear Tooth chefs, as they worked together on honoring her recipes, while also giving them a Bear Tooth twist.

“My recipes have been featured for specific dinners and menus… but never on a scale like Bear Tooth is doing – featuring Korean flavors all month on their menu. It’s very exciting,” Sunée, said. “We tried to pick recipes/flavors that worked well with Bear Tooth’s already beloved concept and flavors, like wings and tacos, but with a little Korean flavor hit.”

Other unique specials include a bulgogi beef pizza and a kimchi flatbread. Specials go beyond food: Korean inspired cocktails include a kimchi bloody Mary and a soju-based riff on a white Russian.

Specials will be offered on both the grill and cafe side.

Starting Nov. 6, the specials will be available all month long. Bear Tooth will be hosting a book-signing on the grill side for Kim Sunée on Nov. 6 from 4:30 – 6:30. Copies of her new cookbook will be available for purchase.

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