Originally published in The Spenardian

To combat the unhealthy habits of her corporate lifestyle, Sarah Glassett quit her job of eight years to open Market Juice with her brother, Riley Smith.

“I wanted to create something for people like me, who want to have easy access to healthy choices,” Glassett said.

Glassett, who was born and raised in Alaska, opened Market Juice in July of this year. Market Juice specializes in cold press, a hydraulic way of juicing that applies no heat to the produce. This method allows the produce to maintain all of its nutrients.

“It’s the cleanest possible way of juicing. We juice every night and bottle it, and every morning it’s super fresh,” Glassett said.

Using fresh ingredients, Glassett strives to use local produce whenever possible. Local ingredients tend to be root based produce like beets, carrots and kale.

Environmental impact is considered in all parts of the new juice bar, from the containers to the waste. Market Juice partakes in the municipal compost program.

“We delivery four ten-gallon buckets of compost almost every day to the city compost,” Glassett said. “We’ve been thrilled that they are willing to be a partner. They are helping us to really be sustainable.”

Market Juice has tried to create something for everyone’s tastes.

“I tried to balance out common juicing ingredients… to really round out people’s palettes,” Glassett said. “It’s a healthy mix of people who have never juiced at home, to people who juice at home to people who have never juiced at all.”


Malie Guieb has never juiced at home, but heard about Market Juice through Instagram.

“I don’t have the time, but would love to try someday,” Guieb said.

Fernanda Conrad, who lives in Turnagain, heard about Market Juice when they first opened this summer.

“I come from a culture and country where we make juice daily. Not necessarily cold pressed but we make it from scratch for every meal, fresh daily,” Conrad said. “I was super excited to hear that Spenard was going to get a place that would give me access to healthy choices so close to my house… I definitely think this was long overdue.”

Glassett is no stranger to the Spenard area. She has been teaching at Anchorage Cycle and Anchorage Yoga for the past seven years.

“Spenard is definitely a landmark of Anchorage and it’s a welcoming place for new businesses. It’s always been here, but at the same time it’s up and coming. I appreciate the vibe,” Glassett said.

Market Juice hopes to expand their menu, which include seasonal offerings and even whole food snack options in the future.

“Right now, we are really wanting to introduce Anchorage to the cold pressed juice idea. Trying to make sure we are staying true to our values, which is easy access to healthy choices,” Glassett said.

Currently, Market Juice offers a wide array of fresh juice and smoothies, homemade nut milks and cold brew using Black Cup coffee.

Find Market Juice at 2601 Spenard Rd. Suite #2.


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