Originally published in The Spenardian

Cleo Anderson has always been told she’s like her great-grandmother Jean. Granny Jean, as she knows her as, has been the key inspiration in Cleo’s new jewelry line Molly & Bella. The line made its trunk show debut last month at The Beauty Room, just down the street from Anderson’s home in Spenard.

Anderson in front of her jewelry at the Molly & Bella trunk show. Photo courtesy of Cleo Anderson

Inspired by her great-grandmother’s jewelry collection, Cleo channels granny Jean’s style into the pieces she makes for Molly & Bella.

“Lately my inspiration for jewelry is my great-grandma. She had the most amazing jewelry collection ever. I remember as a kid I would go through all her jewelry and I thought it was like heaven,” Anderson said. “She was very glamorous. She liked all the really rich colors.”

After her great-grandmother’s passing in 2013, Anderson inherited granny Jean’s vast jewelry collection.

“I love heirlooms. My great-grandma’s jewelry is some of my most prized possessions,” Anderson said.

Anderson first started making jewelry when her mom taught her as kid. The passion for jewelry making came back to Anderson five years ago after she took a job at Beyond Beads, a local bead store and boutique. At Beyond Beads Cleo sold jewelry and taught jewelry making classes onsite.


Rocks, stones, gems and precious metals have always been intriguing to Cleo. A fascination that stemmed from visits to granny Jean’s in Spokane, Washington.

“I’ve always really liked rocks. My great-grandma and grandma lived in Spokane, Washington and there was a rock shop down the street and I would beg them to take me,” Anderson said. “Because of her lapis is one of my favorite stones.”

For Cleo, learning about the stones and their historical and cultural background is half the fun in making unique pieces that hold deeper meanings and stories.

“I like using stones that I know have cool historical context. Like the Egyptians used lapis a lot, King Tut’s sarcophagus had a lot of lapis in it,” Anderson said. “There’s a lot of fun mythology around rocks. I’ll find a really special stone and then I’ll never use it because it needs to be amazing and it needs to look so good. It needs to be special.”

Molly & Bella features necklaces, earrings, hair pieces, crowns and more. Majority of the pieces feature unique materials like turquoise, lapis, peridot and even coral.

Cleo describes her jewelry preferences as bold and big, but Molly & Bella’s jewelry can cater to the more delicate jewelry lover as well.

“I like really big jewelry, but I’ve been making simpler ones that [granny jean] would have worn, that can be used as heirlooms,” Anderson said.

“I think that jewelry is a very personal thing. Everyone’s style is very different when it comes to jewelry,” Anderson said.

Finding good quality stones and materials that are ethically sourced is a top priority for Anderson.

“I like to get a lot of my materials from the Bead Shack, just down the street. I know the owner is very conscious of ethics,” Anderson said.

Cleo is a receptionist at The Beauty Room where she manages the front desk, works retail and occasionally does makeup application. The Beauty Room, located on Northern Lights Blvd. and Spenard Road is part boutique, part salon. Anderson also runs a small photography business, Cleo Jane Photography.

“Everyone at The Beauty Room is really supportive and really encouraging,” Anderson said.

Molly & Bella jewelry can be found at The Beauty Room and online through Molly & Bella’s Instagram. Custom orders and inquires are welcome by email through mollyandbella.ak@gmail.com

Cleo wearing one of her handmade crowns. Photo courtesy of Cleo Anderson.

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