This is an excerpt from an online diary I kept while backpacking for three months during a semester off from college.

Victor finally finished his school and is now done with college. We went to the local Mexican restaurant to celebrate with some burritos, salsa and a pitcher of classic mojito. We went back to the apartment and grabbed some essentials and made our way to the South Bus Terminal…

We got on the next bus to Oslob. A tiny municipality at the end of the road on Cebu island. We arrived and found a nice pension house where we rested our weary heads.

The next day we went looking for a ride. We met a woman named Susan who was apparently “famous” in Oslob. She rented us her motorcycle and we were on our way. We went to explore the neighboring town of Bojilon. There they were celebrating their town anniversary. Over four hundred years old. We explored the local church and ate at the local querenderia. After lunch I got a ube popsicle and then we hit the road again.

Next we went looking for a local beach resort where we planned to stay that night. We found it near the end of the road perched high on the mountain cliffs. We made our way to the lobby to check in. The room, western style, is the nicest room I’ve been in in this country. And it’s not even that nice by American standards. We have the beach and an infinity pool outside our door though, so no complaints. We spent the following hours of the day relaxing by the pool, waking down the beach collecting sea shells and enjoying the breeze off the salty sea.

Exploring Oslob.

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