This is an excerpt from an online diary I kept of my three month backpacking trip I took on a semester off from college.

Colorado exceeded my expectations. I didn’t have many to begin with, but I was impressed to say the least.

I stayed in Colorado Springs for a couple days with my grandpa. From there we explored the Garden of the Gods which was gorgeous. It reminded me of my times in Utah. The red rock just shoots up from the ground towards the heavens. It is a sight a picture just can’t do justice. So come and see it for your self.

My grandpa showed me around the city and the outskirts to different places that meant different things to him. I got to see where my dad went to high school and where they used to live. I even got to stop by my dad’s favorite pizza place for dinner.


Back at home my grandpa showed me stacks of photo albums from trips long passed. I was mesmerized by the collection of souvenirs he gathered while traveling the world. An ethereal blue Venetian vase next to a hand carved Swedish Dala horse, which sat below a heavy camel figurine he picked up while visiting the Holy land. Lastly grandpa showed me some of his drawings and paintings that he’s been working on. Impressive!

We went on a day trip to nearby Cripple Creek and Victor. The drive was exquisite. Winding roads through mountains and beyond. My grandpa explained this is THE place to drive through when Fall has arrived and the leaves on the Aspen change colors. I could see the barren trees and only imagine the effervescent yellow of the leaves illuminating the valley and mountains between the narrow winding road.

Boom towns, ghost towns… Thriving mining communities now home to businesses no longer in business and the occasional casino.

We visited one of the few businesses open in Victor. A German bakery. We got some cookies and made the drive back to Colorado Springs. Enjoying the sights along the way.

I bid my grandfather farewell this morning and now I’m on a Greyhound bus headed to Salt Lake City…

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