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Beyond the railroad depot, the harbor and the sea life center, the city of Seward extends down to a quiet corner of black sand and gently crashing waves. Continuing south for 2.5 miles on Railway Avenue the road transitions into the narrow dirt Lowell Point Road, positioned between the mountains and Resurrection bay.

downloadAs the road terminates Lowell Point and the trailhead for Caines Head State Recreation Area and Fort McGilvray appears. Walk along the beach and find muscle shells and kelp, and staring off into Resurrection bay keep your eyes peeled for sea lions, seals and other wildlife. Eagles soar across the forest framing the bay. Catch some of the locals in their natural habitat on Caines Head Trail.

DSC_0353Looking out into Resurrection Bay, so named for the safe passage it brought early explorer Alexandr Baranov Easter Sunday in the late eighteenth century, one can view the Kenai Mountains and Kenai Fjords National Park. Come to Lowell Point to set off in a sea kayak to explore more of Kenai Fjords National Park and the surrounding shores of Resurrection bay.

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For a much needed cabin fever reliever a couple friends and I took the day and headed south to Seward. Bypassing the main drag we made our way straight to Lowell Point to walk the beach, take some pictures, and take in the salty air of a place not-so-far-away.

After beachcombing and bullshitting the most Alaskan thing happened when a couple in the far off distance walking a labradoodle was discovered to be a long lost friend from the city. We rendezvoused by the waves and laughed over the idea of seeing a fellow classmate at a beach, two hours from your home city. Alaska really is just a small town.


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