EWA Reporter Guide for Inclusive Coverage

Journalists’ resources for reporting on immigration

11 resources for responsibly reporting on rape

5 resources for journalists covering domestic violence

Resources for reporters on all beats (including sports) who cover LGBT people

Battle Of The Books Code Switch

The Code Switch team has been mired in a months-long debate that we’re attempting to settle once and for all: What kind of books are best to read during this pandemic? Books that connect you to our current reality? Or ones that help you escape it?
  1. Battle Of The Books
  2. The Protests Heard ‘Round The World
  3. The Kids Are All Right
  4. Balls And Strikes
  5. The United States’ Pre-Existing Conditions

Protests, police brutality + more

Do’s and don’ts of covering protests

What to do if you’re pepper-sprayed

What is ‘qualified immunity’ for police and why are there calls to end it?

12+ tools and resources useful during hurricanes and other disasters

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